Welcome to the online portfolio of Colin C. Throm, designer and illustrator.

I have been drawing ever since I was old enough to hold a crayon. Always surrounded by art and classic children's literature from Norse mythology to Dr. Seuss, I have not forgotten even though I am grown now… I have spent my professional life working with e-learning, graphic design, multimedia, and interactive design, and still enjoy getting my fingers dirty with pencil, ink, and paint. My work carries a sophisticated whimsy while my scientific background provides a solid foundation for realms of fantasy. Please enjoy.

I was born and raised in central New Jersey, (yes there absolutely IS such a thing as "central New Jersey") and graduated with an art degree from Rutgers University. Since then, I have worked in all aspects of graphic design, with a concentration on digital products and e-learning. I am currently one of three staff atists for Aviation Week Magazine.


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