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Tearsheet 1 (PDF)

Client / Publication list

Wowio LLC:
The Wind in the Willows, 2008 (e-publication)

Kenzer & Co:
Bundle of Trouble #22, 2008 (Knights of the Dinner Table compilation cover)
Bundle of Trouble #27, 2009 (Knights of the Dinner Table compilation cover)
Knights of the Dinner Table #161, 2010 (Knights of the Dinner Table - 20th anniversary issue cover)

Iron Crown Enterprises:
The Construct Companion, 2003 (Rolemaster expansion book)
High Adventure Role Playing, 2004 (HARP core rules)
Martial Law, 2004 (HARP expansion book)
College of Magics, 2004 (HARP expansion book)
Monsters: A Field Guide, 2004 (HARP expansion book)
HARPer's Bazaar 2004 (HARP supplemental PDF)
Cyradon, 2005 (HARP worldbook)
Character Law, 2006 (Rolemaster rulebook)

Empty Room Studios:
Baeg Tobar, 2004-2005 (Baeg Tobar website)
A Bit of Rock, 2006-2007 (serial e-book)
Steampunk Musha, 2006-2008 (Iron Gauntlets setting)

Hampton-Brown Publishing:
The Good Reader's Guide, 2006 (textbook)

Green Ronin Publishing:
Damnation Decade, 2006 (Mythic Vistas worldbook)

Mongoose Publishing:
Glorantha, 2006 (RuneQuest worldbook)
RuneQuest Companion, 2006 (RuneQuest expansion book)

Silverthorne Games:
Twisted Menagerie, 2008 (d20 expansion material)

JAGS Games:
Wonderland, 2005 (JAGS expansion material)
The Book of Knots, 2005 (JAGS expansion material)

Aetherial Forge:
Ninja Burger Honorable Employee Manual, 2005 (Ninja Burger supplemental material)
Ninja Burger - 2nd Edition, 2006 (Ninja Burger rulebook)

Sacrosanct Games:
Altus Adventum, 2004 (Altus Adventum core rules PDF)
SAVAGE Games rulebook, 2006

Driftwood Publishing:
The Flower of Battle, 2004 (The Riddle of Steel expansion book)
The Riddle of Steel Companion, 2005 (The Riddle of Steel expansion book)

West End Games:
D6 Bloodshadows, 2004 (Bloodshadows world book)

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