Welcome to my graphic page. I've been working as an in-house graphic and multimedia designer for many years. Through my employment at Aptara, Lockheed-Martin, and EduNeering, my work has been, and continues to be, used by the Veterans Administration, US Army, US Navy, The FDA, and some of the world's leading pharmaceutical, healthcare, energy, finance, and biotech companies.
The following images are screen captures of full courses. As such, I am showing several pages of content in each image, and the interactive sections are inactive. Some of the recent courses are highly interactive, but in the case of Lockheed-Martin and Aptara, there are proprietary and security reasons not to show the whole thing.
Courses Flammable and Combustible Liquids Operating Room Conduct European Union Clinical Standards Liqeueified Petroleum Gas Wastewater Management Food Security Medicare Part D: Claims and Payments Gas Pipeline Emergency Simulation Process Control Gas Gathering
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These interactions and animations are smaller elements from within the framework of a given course. As such they may not make much sense on their own. Unless otherwise noted, all content is copyright Kaplan EduNeering Inc.
Interactions Troubleshooting Regulatory Roadmap Flash quizzes Writing Evaluations Interviewing and Hiring Operating Room Product Applications Flammable Liquids Dictionary Interactions

Posters, interfaces, logos, etc...
Graphic stuff A Client Since... A Client Since... A Client Since... A Client Since... A Client Since... A Client Since... PROVE interface Anniversary logos Logon logos Miscellaneous

Renders, texture maps, and some process shots...
3D stuff The Inn at 3 Kingdoms Marii Moondance Seara's Entrance Hogpen Skrog's Shadow Delving Underhill Seara Downcoat and Tuli Wren Somnien Forell and Mr Barlo Skrog Chuldi