Welcome to my illustration page. As you can see, I am of the "show it all and let the client sort it out" mindset, at least for on-line portfolios, since you never know who's stopping by or what they're looking for. I've trimmed things down a bit and reorganized the work for better stylistic continuity. I still plan to add an archive section for the work that gets knocked off of this page.

Color Images
Fae River
Ghost Stories
Prittlewell Images
Prittlewell Characters
Chinese New Year
Wayfarers All
The Wild Wood
Piper at the Gates of Dawn
The Open Road
The River Running
Watch Your Tongue
All in a Day
The Plague Doctor
Mushroom Cavern
Orc Village
Akira the Birdwatcher
There's a Balrog in the Woodpile
Rock On!
Evil Boll Deevil
The Stargazer
Pencil Images
Wind in the Willows
The Open Road
The Wild Wood
Mr. Badger
Piper at the Gates of Dawn
Adventures of Mr. Toad
Wayfarers All
Warrior Mouse
Varsub Stories
The Plague Doctor
Be Careful What You Wish For
Rock On!
The Captive
Flight of the Fairwynd
Dark Djinn
The Marketplace
The Crime Lord
Marii Moon Dance
Ink Images
Arcane Studies
Dragon King
Dungeon Crawl
Enchanting a Blade
Quick Draw
Anything to Declare?
Elemental Summoning
A Bit of Rock
Dog Pack
Spiderscorpion Critter
Pit Fighter
Street Runner
Fae Offerings
The Alchemist
Birch Aldryami
Evil Boll Deevil