Featured Work

"Fae River"
pencil and watercolor
Copyright 2016 Colin C. Throm
Fae River
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A painting simply for myself. It was inspired by a dying red maple tree in my front yard. One of the roots hollowed out and looked for all the world like a water chute.

"Prittlewell Priory Images"
pencil and watercolor
Images by Colin Throm - Copyright 2012 PLB Limited
Priory Map
Some Priory Images
Final Product
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This was a very cool project! The paintings are for a museum installation for children at Prittlewell Priory Museum in Southend-On-Sea, England. The final product is a large boardgame table based on maps and wildlife of the grounds. I painted the map, character portraits, and additional challenge images.

"Haloween Stories"
pencil and watercolor
Copyright 2011 Colin C Throm
Haloween Stories
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This was the October 2011 cover for a now-defunct online magazine, "Stories for Children".

"Acid Golem"
Copyright 2010 Colin C Throm
Acid Golem
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I picked up where I stopped 2 years ago with "A Bit of Rock". The book may never see publication, but this piece is good enough to complete I say.

"Akira in Boots"
graphite and digital color
Copyright 2009 Colin C Throm
Akira in Boots
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This is based on a silly story my wife and I made each other laugh with. Our cat Akira is an avid "birdwatcher" and we imagined him all decked out for the field.

"Mushroom Cavern"
graphite and watercolor
Copyright 2008 Colin C Throm
Mushroom Cavern
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This was done as a promotional exercise for Empty Room Studios (which is now Fat Goblin Games). For illustration, I've always loved the classic combination of pencil and watercolor. This image was inspired by the animation of the 1970's Rankin-Bass production of "The Hobbit."

"Night Search"
graphite and watercolor
Image by Colin C Throm - Copyright 2008 Wowio LLC
Night Search
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"The Wind in the Willows" is a true classic and one of my favorites as a child. So I was really stoked to take my own crack at this classic for Wowio's special online re-release.